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The insurtech group GmbH is a digital service provider for insurances and insurance products. Platform-based services offer solutions for insurance sales, claims management and distribution of waste electrical and electronic equipment. The available information and numbers about insurances and claims are necessary for Big Data analysis and Scoring. Part of the insurtech group are the easy insurance GmbH, the after sales europe GmbH, the insurtech services GmbH and the insurtech ventures GmbH as well as the repair management GmbH as partner company.

As an independent service manager for consumer electronics, the repair management GmbH offers the claims management for insurance companies. After the founding in 2010, the company operates meanwhile with more than 40 employees. Web- and cloudbased platforms as well as the connected europe-wide network of service facilities provide the execution of more than 250,000 claims per year, among the insured products are smartphones, cell phones, tablets, notebooks, cameras as well as MP3/MP4-Player. The repair management GmbH operates not only as specialist and outsourcing partner for the claims management, but also as support for additional processes, beginning with the plausibility assessment to the customer communication.

Since the founding of the after sales europe GmbH in 2014, the company is expert for the professional refurbishment and proper recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment. Qualified specialists guarantee the handling of more than 500,000 devices and spares per year. The customers are not only retailers and operators of a repair facility but also insurance companies and mobile network operators in the sector consumer electronics with products such as smartphones, cell phones, tablets, processors, LCDs and touchscreens produced from brands like Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and many more.

The easy insurance GmbH was founded in 2016 as All-in-One platform for digital sales and administration of annex insurances. The sale of insurance products is provided through a multichannel solution such as API, App, Emails, Social Media, iFrame, Shopping Cart, Social Media, Tele Sales, Websites and White Label Plugins. The offered insurance products are coming from known insurance companies such as Allianz, R+V, Condor and BavariaDirekt covering sectors like electronic, sports equipment, pets and travelling. A platform integrated scoring guarantees a current data analysis and recognizes the developing trends of the customer groups to determine their shopping behavior. Overall the All-in-One platform of the easy insurance GmbH provides an easy, quick and entire process for the costumer.

The aim of insurtech ventures GmbH is to establish in cooperation with universities and their students start-ups in the sectors insurances, insurtech and FinTech. The company encourages the conceptions of the young professionals not only by providing room and technic, but also by allocating Know-How from experts from the sectors IT, Marketing and Finance. The students have the opportunity to implement their idea, they can establish a personal network in this sector and they can improve themselves further and grow with the experience and advice in the mentoring.

The insurtech services GmbH was founded in 2018 to develop digital solutions for insurance companies. For businesses the digitalization is an increasingly important aspect and therefore the insurtech services GmbH supports the insurance companies especially with the adaption and creation of platforms to conduct the infrastructure and services for the digital sales of insurances. Further the insurtech services GmbH provides their Know-How in marketing, especially in marketing via search engines and in social media distribution (SPS). As a consequence, the company ensures an extensive project and process management for the different insurance companies.

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